Building Automation

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[zesto_text_and_heading content_alignment=”text-left” margin_auto=”true” heading=”H2″ heading_text=”Building Automation” paragraph_text=”Building controls and building automation systems (BAS) facilitate the best performance out of any building by responding to the unique needs of facility occupants with a focus on running efficiently while maintaining comfort.” additional_spacing=”true”]

We bring you state-of-the-art automation devices that will cater to all kinds of controller needs required in variety of applications. We offer reliable sensors for pressure, temperature, humidity, gas, smoke, level and power monitoring, etc.

Start your project off in the direction from the very start with pre-commissioning and choosing the best controls to increase building efficiency.

[zesto_icon_box_7 content_alignment=”left” heading_type=”H5″ icon=”flaticon-analysis” icon_heading=”Integrated Systems” icon_link=”#” text=”Our integrated building solutions brings together diverse systems for increased energy efficiency and savings.”]
[zesto_icon_box_7 content_alignment=”left” heading_type=”H5″ icon=”flaticon-development” icon_heading=”Control & Monitor” icon_link=”#” text=”Take control of your commercial building indoor environments, from indoor temperatures, energy savings, security management and others.”]