Systems Design & Engineering

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[zesto_text_and_heading content_alignment=”text-left” margin_auto=”true” heading=”H2″ heading_text=”Systems Design & Engineering” paragraph_text=”We assist our clients by conducting audits and recommending solutions for the installation and maintenance of automation systems needed to meet performance, cost, efficiency and environmental targets.” additional_spacing=”true”]

At Techno Controls, our specialist engineers are always looking for smarter, simpler and more cost-effective ways to design systems for our clients. We design our systems from architectural drawings, work from existing designs or integrating current systems to use the latest technologies. Either way, the areas of focus on each project include: capital cost, running cost, and ensuring the design meets the client’s brief and adheres to all relevant standards.

Additionally, we ensure that the system will generate the data we require to monitor and measure performance to assist in fine tuning the system for optimal performance and comfort. The engineering team use our customised industry standard design package for precise and understandable representations of the data for the associated building management or energy monitoring systems.